Monday, November 16, 2009

Where Have I been?

I am still without a personal computer at home. This is the primary reason I only posted thoughts one day last week. A new computer hard drive is on order and I am waiting for it's delivery. After it's arrival I will be back into my usual inconsistent but more regular posts.

Christmas, painting, and some general handyman repairs are in full swing at my house. A list of repairs and painting needs that has been accumulating for a while are now getting done. Why the sudden accomplishment? My wife is the project manager and she is paying someone else to do them and the work is not dependent on my effort or skill. In general, I have little skill with tools and repairs and even less desire or energy to do them. What I have right now, for the first time in my life, is a little extra money. It is wonderful to come home everyday and see things accomplished through no effort of my own. I envy the skill of men and women who are able to fix things or build them. Some people admire my writing skills but I admire the skills of carpenters, painters, electricians, and others who create and fix.

My granddaughter came over this weekend. One of the things my wife and I did with her help is begin the massive undertaking of bringing all the Christmas decorations into the house. They are now everywhere and my home resembles Santa's workshop or, perhaps, his garage. Because of the painting and other work being done, all the decorations cannot be put up yet. Most of that will be accomplished next week while my wife and I are on vacation. The best way I can describe my current living situation is "absolute chaos". Anyone who knows me well understands how much I hate chaos. I believe there is an order to the universe and I desire that order to reach into my life and my home. For better or worse, I like order and balance. Right now both of these are nonexistent in my home and it causes me some personal discomfort. However, when the work is done and the decorations completed, my wife and I will be very happy, the house will be beautiful, and Chloe's eyes will be filled with excitement over the pending visit by Santa Claus. I had to explain to her on Sunday morning that it wasn't Christmas Day...yet.

Another thing my granddaughter and I did over the weekend was watch the Wizard of Oz twice. When I found out she liked it, I bought one of the new remastered and restored 70th anniversary editions on DVD. Chloe's favorite character is the Scarecrow. This movie came out in 1939, twelve years before I was born in 1951. I was probably Chloe's age when I watched it the first time. Since then I have watched it countless times myself and now I get to enjoy watching it with her. In twelve more years I, too, will be 70 years old. When that happens I wonder if I will be remastered and restored?

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