Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Card I Received

Recently I found a card that someone once sent me. I loved the thoughtfulness and I can only hope the card truly describes me. Here's what it said.

You are a lover of words. One day you will write a book.

People turn to you because you give voice to dreams, notice little things, and make otherwise impossible imaginings appear real. You are a rare bird who thinks the world is beautiful enough to try to figure it out, who has the courage to dive into your wild mind and go swimming there. You are someone who still believes in cloud watching, people watching, daydreaming, tomorrow, favorite colors, silver clouds, dandelions, and sorrow. Be sacred. Be cool. Be wild. Go far. Words do more than plant miracle seeds. With you writing them, they can change the world.

I don't think I have lived up to these words lately but I will keep trying.

Thank you, Paula. You know who you are.

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