Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is Heaven?

A few nights ago I watched Clint Eastwood’s film called “Hereafter”. It was long and a little slow but overall a good film that explored the meaning of life and death. I often what if there really is a Heaven and what it is really like. We all have images of what we think it might be like but if it is real, what is the reality? It’s got to be more than billions and billions of people sitting around in the Lotus position staring at a light. What goes on in Heaven? What do people do all day even if a “day” is eternity? Will I be re-united with everyone I ever loved or cared about? Will I somehow get to relive over and over every wonderful experience I ever had when I was alive on earth? Will I have a job in Heaven? Will God have expectations of me or can I do whatever I want? Is there a rock and roll section of Heaven where all the musicians I have loved in life are having a never ending jam session? Is Heaven a place or a state of mind? Are we already experiencing a taste of Heaven now? These are just a few thoughts on my mind. Do you ever wonder about these kinds of things or do I have too much time on my hands?

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