Friday, March 14, 2014

Retirement Training

I took a day off from work yesterday.  The primary reason was that I went to a rock concert on Wednesday night and it was almost 12:30 AM before I went to bed.  Rock and roll and late nights are tough on an aging hippie.  For those who are interested I saw Bob Weir who is an original member of the Grateful Dead.  It was a good show.  Pictured above are some of my friends who attended with me.  A day off from work is also a continuation of my ongoing retirement training.  I got out of bed at my usual time and took my wife to work as I always do.  On a normal day I drive to my office after I drop her off at her workplace since our offices are only a few blocks apart.  Yesterday, however, I just hopped back on the interstate and went home.  On a workday my neighborhood is a very quiet place.  It wasn’t too long after returning home that I fell asleep on my couch.  In the afternoon I visited my 84 year old mother who is in the hospital.  We are expecting a full recovery but she is having a difficult time getting over a case of pneumonia.  My son went with me.  He is a priest and had on his clerical clothes.  As we walked into my mom’s room I assured her that just because I brought a priest with me didn’t mean she was dying.  After a nice visit we left and my son headed back to his parish.  My next stop on my retirement training tour was the pharmacy.  This is already a regular part of my life.  Soon afterwards I received a call from my wife telling me that last night was our granddaughter's Science Fair and we needed to go.  When the time arrived I picked up my wife and drove to Chloe’s school.  We took her to Dairy Queen for dinner where I ate some ice cream that should never touch my lips.  After the science fair was over, and we returned Chloe to her Dad, we headed home and both of us took a nap.  Retirement training is hard work.  I had to go back to work today to get some rest.

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