Friday, April 11, 2014

The Weekend Is Here!

Today is Friday and the end of my work week.  It is a beautiful morning and I am feeling pretty good.  There will be lots of excitement in the air today as workers in the surrounding area make preparations for tomorrow’s “Thunder Over Louisville” air show and fireworks extravaganza.  Yesterday, and again today, the sound of sonic booms from military jets flying over the river will rock my office.  Tomorrow’s events are the beginning of the Kentucky Derby Festival.  In my hometown this is huge.  It is the unofficial beginning of spring, and after the winter we’ve had, people are ready to party.  Derby time in Louisville is as much a holiday season as Christmas.  In a perfect world employers would just shut down and give all their employees a two week vacation.  Since I am stuck in my office today I am hoping for a quiet and uneventful day.  I would like to ease into the weekend.  At some point I will venture outside and take in the weather and all the activities.  I am pretty sure the hot dog vendor will be there and today I will not resist the urge for a bratwurst.  When I get home today I need to rest up for my granddaughter’s visit this weekend.  One has to be in shape and well rested for Chloe.  I should also be seeing my son the priest.  He will be traveling home today from San Francisco.  His car is currently parked in my driveway and I’m afraid I am going to run into it.  Even though he is a priest I am not sure he would forgive me for that since it’s a new car.          

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