Thursday, December 03, 2015

Where Have All The People Gone?

Do you ever wonder where people have gone and what has happened to them?  Think of all the people who have gathered together at different times in history.  Where have they gone?  What are they doing now?  Where are all the people who stood and attentively listened to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963?  Obviously, many of them have now passed.  Where are all the hippies that gathered on Max Yasgur's farm for the first Woodstock in 1969?  Contrary to popular belief I was not one of them.  Those that were are now senior citizens.  Where are all the Occupy Wall Street people now?  What is it that gathers people together in unity only to allow them to float away from one another over time?  On a much smaller level, where are all the people who have passed through our lives over the years?  In the thirty years I have worked for Humana, I have seen hundreds come and go.  Where are all the friends that have been a part of our lives only to eventually drift away?  Thinking of your life and history, what causes, events, or people have stayed with you and continue to influence who you are?  What were the life changing and life sustaining events in your life?  Who are the people that have remained part of your life?  Who hasn't drifted or floated away from your life?  Life changes whether we like it or not but beneath the change are elements of stability that keep us grounded.  What has kept you grounded during the changes in your life?  Who or what can you rely on?  What values do you hold dear? 

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