Thursday, September 01, 2016

Living In Your Head

“Whenever you are in the head…thinking, brooding, calculating, cunning, clever…you are not total.  Slowly, slowly, slip out of those moments.  It is just an old habit.  Habits die hard.  But they die certainly, if one persists, they die.”
Among the many personality variations, all people fall into one of three psychological sub-groups.  There are people who live in their heads.  There are people who are relational and how they appear to others is of primary importance to them.  Finally, there are people who are gut types that tend to react to life in ways that are not always logical.  I am most familiar with gut types because I am one.  Of course, human behavior is much more complicated than these simple generalizations.  Regardless of which type we are most of the time, I think all of us tend to spend a great deal of time living in our heads.  The mind is a whirling dervish of ideas, dreams, fantasies, and unsubstantiated fears.  If you are a person who is constantly afraid you are probably a person who lives in your head.  You probably worry endlessly about things that either haven’t happened or are unlikely to happen to you.  Most of your fears are not based on reality.  It is based on your own thoughts and fantasies.  Many people think of their heart as the engine of their bodies.  However, I would like to suggest that for most people their mind is what drives their life.  Your mind is not a computer that is programed to respond in specific ways to specific life challenges.  In reality, your mind strives to program you and how you respond to life.  Your mind can be a source of great intellectual and creative ideas as well as the source of all your imaginary fears.  Your mind doesn’t change reality.  It changes your perception of reality.  Control your mind and you control your life.         

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