Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some People Walk In The Rain. Other People Just Get Wet.

In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between thoughts.  After practicing for years, you become the gap.”
-J. Kleykamp 

Some people walk in the rain.  Other people just get wet.”
-Attributed to Bob Marley 

This is becoming easier for me as I age because the gaps between my coherent thoughts are growing by the day.  Someone once asked me how I walk in the rain without getting wet.  I told them I walk between the drops.  Life is full of thoughts and activities.  It can all be exhausting.  Two of my personal goals in life have been to have a quiet mind and to be invisible.  I have become relatively successful with both of these goals.  Meditation helps me quiet my mind.  For me meditation is basically being still, being silent, and breathing.  It doesn’t prevent thoughts but helps me let them go.  They keep coming but most of them I just wave at as they keep on moving.  Walking between raindrops takes some skill and one must be very nimble of foot.  Becoming the gap between thoughts and learning to walk between raindrops is all part of flowing with life instead of fighting it.  None of this come naturally to me.  I have a personality that tends to fight life.  I go back and forth between wanting to change and improve the world and wanting to rebel against it.  Some people also talk about the idea of fighting life or fleeing from it.  This is called “fight or flight”.  Becoming the gap and walking between the raindrops is different.  It is the middle path.  It is not fighting or fleeing.  It is being present to life.  When you are really good at this presence, you live in the gap and you never get wet. 

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