Thursday, January 26, 2017

Only Think When Really Necessary

Some random quotes…


Thinking is just like not thinking.  So I don’t have to think anymore”.

-Jack Kerouac


Slight not what is near through aiming at what’s far”.



Jack Kerouac wrote what is considered a Beatnik/Hippie primer with his famous book On The Road.  It inspired the Beat poets of the late fifties and early sixties and planted the seeds of what became the hippie movement.  This pre-dates me a little bit but I eventually became one of those hippies.  Much to my amazement and bewilderment, this summer is the 50th anniversary of the so called “Summer Of Love” when every runaway in America found their way to San Francisco.  Yes, they were all wearing flowers in their hair.  Most of them don’t have hair anymore although I am making an effort to keep the torch lit.  I think my family would like to take that torch and set my hair on fire.  The revolution continues….


In some ways the Summer of Love was about living free and easy and in the moment.  When we think it’s time to grow up we often feel the need to plan our life and set goals for the future.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but what happens to most people is that they forget to live in the moment.  They are future oriented and they begin to not only slight what is near but also to become totally unaware of the present.  The only moment that exists is the one you are in.  Yesterday is over.  Tomorrow is not promised.  If you are not in the moment, technically you are nowhere.  While you are in the moment, only think when it is necessary.  Too much thinking creates unhappiness and often fear.  Imagination is the home of creativity but too much thinking just complicates our lives.  Don’t over think everything.  Think only when it is really necessary.      


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