Sunday, May 12, 2024

The Long And Winding Road


Last night I watched Peter Jackson's restored and cleaned up version of the Beatles original 1970 film "Let It Be".  When the film was released, I didn't care much for it and didn't think it was the Beatles best work.  The music from the film has grown on me over the years.  As I write these thoughts songs from "Let It Be" and "Abbey Road" play in the background.

It's been a long and winding road for the Beatles and me.

In 1964 I was a 12 year old boy glued to my parent's black and white television when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I was immediately a fan and I have remained one my entire life.  Despite my lengthy concert resume I never got to see the Beatles live.  In the early 2000's I did finally see Paul McCartney and his performance brought tears to my eyes.  

The Beatles were definitely the soundtrack of my teenage years and to be honest they have remained part of the soundtrack of my life even in my old age.  I never tire of them.  When John Lennon was killed, I cried.  I still miss George Harrison too.  As long as I am alive the Beatles will continue to live as well.

It's a beautiful day today.  It is Mother's Day in America.  My own mother passed away the week I retired.  She has been gone six years now.  I was her first child.  Five more siblings came after me.  My mother was a decent person, but we weren't very close.  Our relationship wasn't antagonistic or estranged but I just never really connected with her or my father either for that matter.  I never really knew what either one of them really thought of me or how I turned out.  In spite of this I tried to be a good son and I always showed them respect and honor.  In my old age, with my own awareness of my personal issues, I understand my parents had their own issues and trauma.  I assume they did they best they could just as I have tried to do with my own children.       

Later today I will gather with my own family for a meal and Mother's Day celebration.  We will also acknowledge my oldest son's 46th birthday.  My youngest son is 42.  It's sometimes difficult to accept that my children are now middle-aged adults.  Even my granddaughter is growing up at an alarming pace.  She will be 20 years old in a few months.  

Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a good day.  I hesitate to say "great" or "wonderful" because for millions of people even a "good" day seems like an impossible goal.  Sometimes it's enough to have a day that doesn't suck.  I am happy to just have days when nothing bad or annoying happens.

I want everyone to be reasonably happy, fed, safe, and content.        

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You and I playing badminton rackets to the Beatles