Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

The weekend is here so I am not going to be heavy. I won't talk about spiritual transformation or the meaning of life today. When the weekend is here I try not to think too much. I try to relax and live. Thanksgiving is just two weeks away and Christmas is approximately six weeks away. One of the highlights of my weekend will be a visit from my granddaughter, Chloe. She is coming over because my wife has decided that this is the weekend to transport all the crates full of Christmas decorations from the storage shed in the back yard to inside the house. I will be her beast of burden. Once inside the house, the crates will be opened and all the decorations, ornaments, and other Christmas paraphernalia will be spread around the house. Of course my wife, whose memory is at least as poor as mine, will have to get on the computer and look at all the photos from last Christmas to remember where everything goes and what she did last year. We actually have a new Christmas tree this year. It arrived a few weeks ago and has been in the hallway ever since. I trip over it every morning. In the midst of all this I will whine about how we have too much stuff and that we should simplify. She will tell me to get over it, be quiet, and just do what I'm told without giving her a lot of lip service. After all, I am just a man. What do I know? In all of this craziness, Chloe will be all excited. She will pick up everything and ask a thousand questions. Of course, even though I lack enthusiasm for all the work, I do appreciate the final product. My house will look like the North Pole or, at the very least, a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Plus it's almost cold enough to wear my red hat and coat so I can wink at all the children who think I am Santa Claus.

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