Friday, November 30, 2007


The cold nights and shorter days make me feel like a bear that needs to hibernate. When my morning alarm clock goes off I am in total disbelief. I feel like a just closed my eyes and now I have to get up and start a new day??? You've got to be kidding me! As I slowly walk to my bathroom all the coming demands of the new day flash through my brain. In the predawn darkness, the return to my bed at day's end seems like a distant dream. Daylight may be increasingly shorter as we approach the winter solstice but it still feels as though I have many long miles to travel before I sleep again. Sometimes on these cold days I duck outside hoping a blast of cool air will revive me and energize me for the remainder of my day. It doesn't. All it does is make me feel cold as it chases me back into the warm and sleepy building where I work. Modern work and our 24 hour culture have no respect for the change of seasons or our biological inner clocks. The demands of life think everyday is the summer solstice and we are at the peak of the summer planting season. I don't mind cold weather. I even prefer it to Kentucky's summer heat and humidity. What I do quickly tire of is leaving home in the dark and then returning home in the dark. Once darkness covers the land I am rarely outside of my home. I am no longer young and my days of running the streets at night and howling at the moon are way behind me. OK, I do occasionally do it now but when I do I must plan a vacation day the next day. As your age increases, so does your recovery time. O well, tomorrow is Saturday and I can hibernate a little longer in the morning.

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