Monday, January 28, 2008

Robert Plant And Alison Krauss

Friday was an important day for me. Tickets went on sale for the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss concert here in Louisville. This unlikely pair have made a CD together and are now on tour. Robert is the singer for Led Zeppelin and Alison's background is mainly bluegrass music. The first show of the tour is in Louisville. They are playing at the Palace Theater which is a rather small venue. My friend and I went to the box office on our lunch hour. There was already a line of about 80 people at 11:35 and tickets wouldn't go on sale until noon. We had hoped to be like bank robbers. I would drive the car and she would be the bag man. After getting the tickets for our other friends and us, she would hop into the car and I would speed away. It wasn't that easy. First of all, I had to park the car while she got in line. The temperature was in the low 20's and the wind chill was in the teens. We were freezing our behinds off as our hopes for tickets diminished. Being the ever proactive music lovers that we are, we both got on our cell phones and had other friends hopping on the Internet. Hope continued to fade. This was going to be a sell out and quickly. It ended up selling out in 25 minutes. People around us were already checking EBay and tickets were already being posted on there for sale! We thought, "This can't happen to us! We're professional music lovers and concert attendees"! Then, like a miracle, one of our friends scored two tickets on the Internet. We were in!!!!! Unfortunately, we wanted six tickets. Our other friends weren't going to make it. We felt badly but not guilty. We were the ones in line freezing to death. We've paid our rock and roll dues. Plus, for reasons we don't understand, the rock and roll gods always seem to smile on us. Afterwards we drove to another theater where we successfully got tickets for our other friends and us to see the Dan Tyminski Band. Dan is the guitar player for Alison Krauss's band "Union Station". He's also the fellow that really sang "A Man of Constant Sorrow" in the movie "O Brother, Where are thou"? It wasn't George Clooney! He was faking it.

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