Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steve Winwood And Tom Petty Concert

Blazing hot sun + 90 degree temperatures + high humidity + rain + sauna like conditions = my night on the lawn at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on Tuesday night. Add the sum of this to being with some of my best friends and hearing great music and it all equals a wonderful time. Being part of a rock and roll partnership that qualifies me as a professional fan and concert attendee, I was sitting in my favorite spot in plenty of time before the music started. It's all in the planning people. You can't show up at the last minute for a sold out concert. Riverbend Music Center is literally on a bend of the Ohio River. From the lawn you can see the shores of Kentucky. This is my favorite outdoor venue. Normally it is a very laid back and stress free experience. Rarely is there a hassle. Tuesday night was a little different. I have never seen so many people there in all of my previous visits. A observation of the crowd indicated that most of the people on the lawn were young people. They were there to see a bunch of musicians hovering around the 60 year old age mark. The music got off to a great start. The legendary Steve Winwood casually walked on stage and, with no introduction, eased into a mellow groove with African rhythms and jazzy flute percolating with a rock and roll beat. He would have to play all night for fans to hear all of his best work. In the time he played we were given a nice overview of a very long career. Not long afterwards Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers hit the stage and the energy level went through the roof. Like Steve Winwood, Tom Petty has a long resume and many well known hits. Most people in the audience seemed to know all the words to every song. He flat out rocked and was cookin' all night long. My friends and I had a discussion on the way home about how exhausting a concert can be. Of course, none of us are as young as we used to be. As strange as it may sound, concerts can be very emotional. First of all you are hearing many songs that are often part of the soundtrack of your life. Secondly, when you are in a large crowd, whether it is a sporting event or a concert, and the people are really into what is happening, there is a tremendous amount of energy. You cannot help but be carried along and even consumed by it. When it's over and you walk to your car...assuming you remember where you feel like you just put in a hard day at work. This is why I always take a day off afterwards. Yesterday I spent a few hours on my couch. All of this reminded me to appreciate and celebrate life and friendship. Family is great but close friends are special and they provide much warmth in a world that is often cold.

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Anonymous said...

On 7-11-08 i had the same experience you write about at the concert in Charlotte, NC (Concord).

The next day i had a voice and vision, from where I know not, but today is nine months to the day later and I find your article on the internet.

May you be blessed, and at Peace.