Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Alone

I woke up this morning in a silent house. My wife had quietly left the house earlier to go to work. I did not even hear the alarm clock go off. After washing the sleepiness from my eyes and face and brushing my teeth, I went downstairs to fix some breakfast. It has been a dreary day with occasional raindrops. With the rain comes the falling of leaves as thousands of them lose their grip on the tree branches. Many are still holding on and much to my happiness there is still color in the landscape. In the last couple of days I have needed to run some errands. One was to my doctor's office to give the office manager my FMLA papers. Another was to visit my sick mother in law in Suburban Hospital. She entered the hospital the day I was discharged. As a result my poor wife has been on hospital duty for ten days now. I am not sure what it worse, to be the patient or to be the person who must visit the patient. Even though my activity has been limited, I am realizing I need to take it easier. I am quickly fatigued. Today I decided to do as little as possible. After breakfast I simply sat in my chair with morning coffee and the daily news. I have discovered a new coffee. Celestial Seasons, of herbal tea fame, has gotten into the coffee business. I bought a bag entitled "Morning Thunder" and it's pretty good. Later in the day I watched some music DVD's. At some point I fell asleep so I let the body do what it needed to do. So, it has been a quiet and restful day with minimal activity which is just what I needed. I feel pretty good but the incision on my side has a ways to go before it is healed.

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