Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Praise Of Music

I attended my first rock and roll concert in the early Sixties. The older sister of a neighborhood friend took us to see the Beach Boys. It was the original band including Brian Wilson. The opening act was The Kingsmen of "Louie, Louie" fame. Once I heard those electric guitars and vocal harmonies I was hooked for life. In the last 40+ years I have been to a variety of cities and everywhere from hole in the wall blues clubs to intimate theaters, large stadiums and arenas, outdoor venues where I sat in my lawn chair on warm summer nights, and large open air festivals. I have seen obscure musicians and most of rock and roll's superstars. Having said all this, and fully acknowledging that there's nothing like being at a live show, during this time of rest and physical healing, there's a lot to be said for sitting in my Lazy Boy chair and watching well produced concert DVD's on my big screen television and surround sound system. It's like being in the front row without the over exuberance of dancers and beer drinkers. Plus, if I have to pee, I simply pause the show and walk into my own bathroom where there is never a line. I can do this without missing one note of music. Once I am well enough I will continue my rock and roll adventures but for now I will take it easy and sit in my chair.

Once, for the amusement of my friend, Bridget, I wrote my definition of a "Road Warrior". She liked it so much that she eventually turned it into a plaque that she gave me as a Christmas present. It now sits on a shelf in my music room. A big reason that Bridget and I are friends is because we are both music loving Road Warriors.

Road Warrior

An aging and nearly extinct creature who spends all available time and resources searching for the lost chord. These strange and exotic creatures have been known to spend their last dime in pursuit of the chills and emotional satisfaction generated by extended guitar solos, meaningful lyrics, and being with others of their kind. Often misunderstood, they are gentle creatures who enjoy simple pleasures like sitting in their lawn chairs on a summer night while good vibrations fill the space around them. They have even been known to take off their shoes and share a blanket. When dancing, these creatures should not be disturbed!

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