Friday, August 21, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day full of simple pleasures. One thing I have learned in life is that the simple things often bring the most enjoyment. I got up early like I was going to work but I stayed home. No, it wasn't a spontaneous gesture of playing hookey. I had planned to stay to stay home. Even preplanned, it felt liberating. After taking my wife to work I stopped at a local bagel store for some coffee and a breakfast burrito. Soon I was back home where I enjoyed more coffee along with my local newspaper and a USA Today. My primary reason for staying home today was to assist my son. Today he left for another school year in his quest to be a priest. This year is a little different. He has graduated college and is now moving into what is called Major Seminary. In other words, he is now going to graduate school to study theology. This year he is attending St. Meinrad School of Theology. The school is owned, and mostly taught, by Benedictine monks. I helped Nick carry out all his stuff and pack his car. Afterwards we went out for lunch and then he headed down the road. A few hours later he called me to say he had arrived safely, found his new room, and moved all is stuff. He'll have the weekend to get settled before classes start on Monday. After Nick and I parted ways I went to a nearby Mall and sold off some old, poor sounding CD's. I then took the money and used it to buy a handful of the new Rolling Stones Remasters. My wife thinks I am crazy but any audiophile will agree with me that newly remastered or remixed CD's have a superior sound that is a night and day difference from the old analog transfers that were originally put out when the CD format was created. My daytime hours ended with a visit to the doctor. No, I am fine. My wife has been complaining about pain in her foot. A trip to the doctor resulted in a diagnoses of a bone fracture. Now she's wearing one of those casts that looks like one of Frankenstein's boots. She can't drive so I must continue as her charioteer. Now, the day has turned into night. I sit here in my music room, at my little desk, with another cup of coffee and a slice of sugar free banana pie. This is as exciting as it gets for me most Friday nights. I'll have most of tomorrow to also spend in leisure. Tomorrow night, however, we'll go out for a family dinner to celebrate my daughter in law's birthday. Afterwards, my granddaughter will come home with me for an overnighter. There will be no leisure then. I don't care because I always look forward to her visits.

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