Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Living In The Flow

When I returned to work yesterday after ten days of vacation I felt terrible. I was tired and didn't feel very well. Time moved at a glacier pace and I just wasn't into anything I did. The first day back to work after a period of vacation is always a downer. Today was quite the opposite. I wasn't thrilled about getting out of bed in the dark, knowing it was cold outside, but once I was up and showered and dressed I felt pretty good. I felt even better after a couple of cups of java in my coffee mug. After I got to work I was in a light hearted mood and was enjoying myself as much as possible when you are at work. Later in the day I realized that I had become lost in the sensation known as "flow". Flow is when you are so into whatever you are doing that you lose all sense of time and space. I was deep into a self created project, running reports and crunching numbers, to prove a point that I had deep concern over. When I finally looked at the clock on the wall that usually seems stuck in the moment, I was amazed that several hours had passed and I was near the end of my day. This experience was wonderful on several levels. I was able to prove my point with data, I thoroughly enjoyed being lost in the moment, and I felt like I accomplished something worthwhile. It is a joy living in the flow of life. It's so much better than feeling like you are stuck in a dead zone of meaningless chores and time killing activity.

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