Saturday, December 19, 2009

Walking On A Cold Day

I love to take walks outside on cold days. A few days ago I was feeling very tired and I wasn't in a great mood so I decided to take a walk during my lunch break. I walked beside the Great Lawn adjacent to my office and along the river. At one point I passed a Christmas tree lot where the aroma of evergreen was in the air. Nearby a towboat was pushing a large barge beneath the bridge and down the river. The sky was blue and clear. The air was crisp. I could see planes coming from the north and heading towards the airport. They were probably coming from Chicago. On past trips from Chicago I was always happy when I looked out the window and recognized the Ohio River and downtown Louisville. I could see some cars and trucks crossing the bridge between Louisville and Southern Indiana and others driving along the I-64 Interstate highway. I always wonder, "Who are these people and where are they going"? I often walk alone but sometimes I walk with a friend. Usually when we walk, we also talk. Sometimes, however, we will stop and just sit on a bench in silence. If you have a friendship that doesn't require conversation, you have a good friend. This day, however, I was alone with my own thoughts. By the time I got back indoors I was refreshed, awake, and in a much better mood.

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