Friday, June 11, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XX

I thought I would try a new look. What do you think?

A new attitude. I decided this past weekend that I am tired of dreading things, i.e., starting a new work week, going to the grocery store, not wanting to attend a social event, etc. I've decided my new motto is "Dread nothing, embrace everything". Instead of dreading a new work week, I will be more grateful that I am employed. Instead of dreading a trip to the grocery store, I will be more grateful that I can afford to buy food, etc, etc. A wise teacher that I had in the past once said, "The moment is as perfect as it can be". That's really true. Another wise sage, Lin-chi, said, "What, at this moment, is lacking"? Life will always have challenges and difficulties but it is also full of so many good things. Embrace life, don't avoid or dread it.

Getting your day off to a good start. Rule #1: allow yourself enough time in the morning to get ready without being rushed. Rule #2: Don't hit the snooze alarm a dozen times. Just get up. The way you start your day can affect the entire day. Even when I had to get my children up, dressed, fed, and off to the school or daycare, I was rarely late for work. Starting your day in a frenzy, rushed for time, unprepared for the unexpected, can make your whole day seem chaotic. These days I wake up early enough to get ready for work and still have about 15 minutes to just sit and chill before I walk out the door. Today I used that time to water my new flowers and bushes. A calm start to your day can make your entire day seem calmer.

Dinner with my granddaughter at Dairy Queen. I surprised Chloe by picking her up at the daycare earlier this week. We had dinner at the "DQ" where we both had chicken tenders and a banana split. She told me chicken tenders were great with mustard so I tried something new. We talked about her upcoming birthday, a birthday she shares with the Dalai Lama which may or may not be a coincidence. She also told me that she wants a cheerleader outfit, a tool belt, a ballerina dress, and a flute for her birthday. After dinner we went to my house where we both sat in my chair and watched Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". We also went outside and played with my neighbor's cat. Being her Pa Paw is my greatest joy.

It's Friday Eve a.k.a. Thursday! This is the best I can come up with this morning. When I got out of bed today my neighborhood was shrouded in a deep fog. I think some of that fog has seeped into my mind. Thursday is the work day where I start running out of gas. However, Thursday is always a good day because I can see the finish line for the work week. Earlier this week I decided to try not to dread anything. Not dreading the present does not mean I can't look forward to the future. Like 99.9% of you, I do look forward to Friday's and the weekend. We all deserve a break from our work and workday routines.

Going on vacation for a few days with your family. OK, I'll be honest. This can be a mixed blessing. The best part is spending more time with my granddaughter. However, we will all have fun, eat some good meals, go to the water park, spend all our money and more, and have at least one family meltdown. At some point my wife will give me the look that says, "Cool it"! That's what family is all about, right? When it's all over we will come home broke and exhausted. That's why I scheduled the whole week off. I will need some down time at home to rest and recover from all the family fun.

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News From The Front Porch said...

I like the new "look" especially all of the books that are behind the post. That's a good image for you--lots of reading and thoughtfulness behind the words.