Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Empty Mind And Blank Page

Tonight's challenge is an empty and tired mind coupled with a blank page. At this moment I literally have "no thought". I am recently awakened from a short nap. Upon awakening I spent some time in the newly created Zen space in my backyard. I spent some time watering my flowers, filling the bird bath with fresh water, and also adding water to my solar powered Buddha fountain. With my old trees cut down and my new privacy fence build, my backyard is now a place that calls to me. I also placed my new gnome figures that I received for Father's Day on the patio to add a little bit of magic for my granddaughter and me. At this time of night the raging sun of recent days is subsided but the humidity hangs around like a dense fog. Tomorrow will be the apex of the current heat wave with temperatures in the high nineties. Such weather is dreadful. These days I am not full of deep thoughts. Rather I am filled with the idea of living my life as simply as possible while being open to whatever each day brings. Being spiritual and having a Zen mind is not a matter of deep thoughts but more a matter of presence. When presence is filled with peace, what more could anyone want?

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