Friday, July 02, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XXII

Me! I am 59 years old and I survived 12 hours of rock and roll, blues, and jazz in Chicago last weekend. The heat index during the day was 105 degrees and the sun was merciless. The smart people did not drink any beer until after the sun went down. It was a very long and very hot day but I heard a lot of great music. I did miss seeing Vince Gill's set because the sun was about to kill me and I retreated to some shade for a little while. That was OK because I am not a big country music fan anyway. Except for the heat it was a great day and one that I will not soon forget. I love music and as long as I can drag my old bones out there, I'll still be rocking.

Low humidity and cool mornings. According to the weatherman, this has been the hottest June on record in Kentucky. It sure has felt like it. I like a beautiful, sunny day like everyone else. I dream of them in mid winter. However, I hate when the temperature is in the mid to upper nineties and the humidity is off the charts. Today, however, I am grateful for cool days that appear as an oasis in the desert. A few days this week felt like early autumn mornings and autumn is my favorite time of year. Yes, the heat will return but I am grateful for a break from it.

Wind chimes. I love wind chimes. When I was on vacation a few weeks ago I cut loose with some money and bought some really nice ones. I wanted windchimes with deep tones. The ones I bought sound like temple bells. They go very well with the Buddha statue I have in my backyard. There's only one problem. The wind has not blown since I hung them up. So, whenever I go in the backyard I walk up to them and give them a little shake. They have a deep, rich tone that lingers in the air and is very pleasant to the ears.

Fridays, long holiday weekends, visits by grandchildren, good coffee, especially with a cheese Danish, listening to your favorite music at work, lunch with friends, going to bed on a Friday night without having to set your alarm clock, waking up at your leisure on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but drink your coffee and read the newspaper, re-connecting with old friends, being at peace with yourself and everyone else, pizza, Sierra Nevada beer, Pringles potato chips, all day music festivals, Border's Books, Dooley's Bagels, having nothing you need to do or anywhere you need to be, employment, being part of a great team, a pleasant work environment, having a park outside our office, seeing the river and boats every time I go to the copy room, a great book, finding something you want on sale, a great meal in a new restaurant, old guys who still rock, having your granddaughter tell her mother that her favorite toy is her Pa Paw, and on and on and on....did I mention freedom? Sometimes it is important to take a moment and think about all the awesome things in your life. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the challenges, inconveniences, and annoyances. Life is mostly good.

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