Friday, July 09, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XXIII

Earlier this week it was my granddaughter's birthday, a birthday she shares with the Dalai Lama. Has she really only been here for six years? I cannot remember life before she was born. Her presence in my life reminds me how much difference one person can make in our lives whether it be a grandchild, a child, a spouse, a co-worker, or a friend. People really are the most important part of our lives even if they do occasionally make us crazy.

Johann Sebastian Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos". Everyone knows that I am a rock and roller. However, I also like other types of music, including classical. This week I listened to all six of Bach's Brandenburg concertos. They're very beautiful. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and others were the rockers of their time. You can measure the quality of music by whether or not it stands the test of time. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685 and died in 1750. People all over the world still listen to his compositions. You haven't really lived until you have been in a large church or cathedral and heard one of his compositions on a massive pipe organ. It's mind-blowing!

Waffles! I had dinner with my son at the Waffle House a few nights ago. It's always been one of his favorite places. Normally I stay away from waffles but this time I was seduced by the aroma that filled the restaurant. It was awesome. We also had a very nice lady for a waitress so I over tipped her.

Old friends. A friend from high school came to my house on Tuesday. He recently returned to Kentucky from Los Angeles. We had a very enjoyable evening, drinking a few Sierra Nevada beers, playing some classic rock and roll, and swapping tales and yarns about our life experiences. It's good to have people who have been in your life a long time. Of course, after he left, my wife said, "He looked like an old man"! I replied, "Denise, we're the same age". I guess that makes me an old man, too. I probably am because my granddaughter says I have "old skin".

Rain and cooler temperatures. This week's rain was a welcome sight for my lawn, flowers, and bushes. The cooler temperatures were a welcome sight for me and probably many other people.

Banana Cream Pie Blizzards. I picked up my granddaughter at the day care yesterday in the middle of the rainstorm. We decided to have dinner at the Dairy Queen next door. A Dairy Queen Blizzard should never touch my lips. I bought one anyway and I think the payback was a headache. It was still worth it.

Taking my granddaughter to see "Toy Story" tomorrow while her mother gets everything ready for her birthday party. She's going to love the gift her parents bought her. My son...her Dad...has a four wheeler that he rides over the fields and through the woods on weekends. He bought Chloe a pink four wheeler and it now sits in the middle of my living room floor where it was assembled last night.

Did I mention that it's Friday night? That is always awesome.

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