Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nyquil Hangover

A combination of Nyquil, falling rain, and a cool breeze coming in my bedroom window made for a good night’s sleep. I was feeling a little rough by the time I got home yesterday. When I finally got to my couch, I crashed for two solid hours. When it was time for bed I had no trouble falling asleep again. No one has ever accused me of being a workaholic or of doing too much. At this stage of my life it’s all I can do to get through the work day and stay awake in the evening until bedtime. I believe minor illnesses, such as the cold I currently have, are God’s way of forcing you to get some rest. We are all sleep deprived. Night of the Living Dead is not only a movie, it is a description of our society. When I got up this morning I struggled with whether or not I should come to work or stay home and sleep all day. I decided to come in so that our stock price remained high. If work got out that I stayed home, the stock market would go into a frenzy. Let’s be honest, some of us really think this way. I’ve got plenty of PTO. I probably should have stayed home. However, even though I am no workaholic, I do have a strong work ethic and so I dragged myself in here. If you see me and I appear to be in a daze, it’s a Nyquil hangover.

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