Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Snow Lover

Even though I am a snow lover, I am enjoying the mild winter that we have experienced so far. I always think about the homeless and those who struggle to pay their heat bill when the weather is brutal and the temperatures are frigid. Our mild weather is giving everyone a break except for those who sell snow shovels and warm clothes. Still, I hope we have at least one decent snow before the winter is over. I would prefer this snow to begin on a Friday night when my pantry is full and I have no where I need to be over the weekend. I want to wake up on a Saturday morning, brew a pot of coffee, turn on the fake fire in my fake wood burning stove, look out my window at the blanket of snow covering the landscape, and watch all the birds gathering around my bird feeder. I may venture out to also feed the squirrels since more often than not they think all the bird feed is for them. I hope on such a day the snow continues throughout the day. An occasional howling wind and the sight of blowing snow would also add to the enjoyment. On such days I truly enjoy my solitude and my home. Snow is God’s way of telling us all to slow down and chill out. Although I know some people hate snow, and for many it’s an inconvenience, I love it when it completely brings life to a halt. I especially like when it does this on a weekend when most people can enjoy it and not be stressed out about it. Most days the world can spin on schedule without all of us making it happen.

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