Monday, September 10, 2012

Alzheimer's Walk

I thought about my Dad a lot over the weekend since I did the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk this past weekend.  Chloe spent the night on Friday. We got up early on Saturday morning to a cloudy and rainy day. It was not a good morning for an outdoor activity. We finally got ourselves together and we found our way to the McDonald’s Drive Thru. We got out breakfast and drove downtown. Either I didn’t get the message or there was a last minute change in the time of the walk because of the rain. We got there an hour too early. It was cold and wet. Chloe and I walked around Waterfront Park looking at the sculptures. As I’ve mentioned before, Chloe’s favorite subject in school is Art. Soon other members of my family began to arrive. I am lucky to have a great extended family. I was even lucky enough to marry into a great family. We all get along and generally have a great time when we are together. Since my father passed away a few years ago I am now the Patriarch. The only person older than me is my 82 year old mother. The walk finally began and Chloe and I marched around Waterfront Park along the river. It was very windy and a few times I thought we would blow away. When it was all over I drove Chloe home and then I returned to my own home where I quickly became one with my couch.

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