Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Son The Priest

“Paw Paw, we’ve had to go to church way too much this weekend”

“It’s weird getting communion from your uncle”

These are two weekend quotes from my granddaughter. It was a very busy weekend but Chloe hung in there pretty good. We has a long but beautiful ordination ceremony on Saturday followed by a reception at the Cathedral with hundreds of people.  Later that night we had a large family party at my home with so many cars parked up and down my street that I thought one of my neighbors might call the police.  Finally, Nick celebrated his first Mass on Sunday followed by a final reception at my parish. My wife and I spent most of Memorial Day in our chairs staring into space. We felt like we had just married off a daughter. This is much more activity than my wife and I normally have in our lives but it was all great and everything had an air of celebration. As I have probably said before, every parent's dream is to see their children happy and successful. At this moment in time both of my children have attained these goals. Yesterday my wife and I, and I believe Father Nick, were feeling a sense of anti-climax. We had been anticipating and preparing for this event for a very long time. Now our life is once again quiet. I think Father Nick is probably experiencing a little reality today. He stopped by our house yesterday with some questions about insurance. Today he meets with the HR person for the Archdiocese to discuss his salary and benefits. He then gets a few weeks of vacation and then it’s time to get to work.

Pictured above are both my sons as well as a picture of Nick processing into church for his first Mass.

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