Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Hidden Selves

Each workday most of us come into the office. We see one another sitting in our cubicles or walking around. Maybe we occasionally talk to each other. In many cases we have formed opinions or have made a judgment about one another based on a perception. The reality is that most of us really don’t know ourselves, much less those around us. Who are we? Who is the person that sits across from you? What is going on inside that person you see walking down the aisle? Who is struggling today with a personal issue? Who is sad or lonely behind that smile or laughter? Each of us has a hidden self that we rarely show to others. We also have a true self that maybe we have not yet discovered. People are like onions. We all have many layers. Over the course of our lives we slowly peel away the layers to discover our true and hidden selves. It is a life long journey to do this. Today as you interact with your fellow human beings I urge you to remember all of this. Look in your mirror and ask yourself who is looking back at you. Remember that everyone around you is also on a journey. What you see in one another may not be reality. Some of us are struggling. A few might be seriously hurting. Hopefully some are truly happy and comfortable being who they are. Do not judge others. Practice kindness and compassion. Help one another rather than hinder one another. If today is a good day for you, spread the joy. If today is a bad day for you, hang in there. Hopefully someone around you will notice and speak a word of encouragement. We are all in this thing called life together.

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