Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update On My Granddaughter

“Paw Paw, you need to get current with modern times”.
-from a recent conversation with my granddaughter
“Paw Paw, you listen to old music”.
-My granddaughter’s response when I asked her if she liked the Grateful Dead
Earlier this week I saw a friend from work that I had not seen in quite a while.  About ten years ago we worked on a project together for almost two years that ended up having the plug pulled on it.  Somewhere in our conversation my daily thoughts came up and my friend told me that what she liked best were stories about my granddaughter.  Some of the people who read my daily thoughts and blogs have been reading about my granddaughter almost as long as she has been alive.  I haven’t written too much about her lately but let me tell you that she is growing up quickly.  As I write these notes she is on a school field trip at Holiday World.  She inherited her father’s love of excitement so I am sure this day will not pass without her going on some scary rides that her Paw Paw would not get near.  In little over a month Chloe will be 11 years ago.  It almost makes me sad.  Although I have enjoyed every moment of her life, sometimes I miss when she was a little girl.  Smartphones and the Internet have given her way more information than I wish she had.  Last weekend my wife and I took her and a friend to see “Pitch Perfect II”.  I mistakenly thought it was a children’s movie but later realized it was rated PG-13.  A few scenes seemed totally inappropriate for a pre-teen girl but I was more embarrassed than she was.  When a similar thing happened in the past and I said something to Chloe, she responded that it was OK because she knew “stuff”.  It is both a joy and a challenge to be an intimate part of her life.  I see her frequently and more often than not she is a weekend visitor at my home.  This is part of the reason I am usually dragging at work on Monday mornings.  In October we are going to Disney World.  I may need to take an additional week off when I return home to recover. 

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