Thursday, September 24, 2015

Six Essentials For A Happy Life

Why are some people happy and others not?  First of all, it is a choice.  Some people choose to be happy despite what goes on around them and to them.  Others think they can't be happy until everything is perfect in their lives.  Many more tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full or over flowing.  It's all a matter of choice and perspective.  I do think it helps to have a balanced life.  Here are some things that I think are important.  Every individual must work out how to have and balance these things in their life.  For me, they represent the essentials of a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life. 
Six Essentials of a Balanced and Happy Life by Michael Brown
Mind.  Develop your intellect.  Read a book.  Learn a new skill.  Be open to new things.  If you don't use it, you lose it.  Rediscover the enthusiasm and curiosity you had as child to learn and discover new things.
Body.  Practice wellness.  Begin to live a healthy life now.  Take care of your body.  It is your vehicle through life.  Some people take better care of their cars than their own bodies.  Don't wait till the damage is done.
Spirit.   Be in touch with something bigger than yourself.  Have a belief system of spiritual and philosophical teachings as well as a personal code of ethics based on your moral consciousness.  Being part of a faith community works for some but not for others.  You can still explore the teachings of the great spiritual and philosophical masters.  If nothing else, the golden rule works for everyone.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   Practice the religion of kindness, compassion and tolerance.    
Work.  Give work what it needs and requires.  However, being a workaholic and working hard are not the same thing.  Look for work that is satisfying, not only to your bank account, but to your spirit.  Work is one of the ways we can share in the creative process of life.  Elevate it, in whatever way you can, to something more than just a mundane routine.
Family.  Being part of a family who loves you is one of life's greatest gifts.  Appreciate it.  Strive to make those in your families feel appreciated and loved.  Celebrate your family bonds!  Remember, too, that family can extend beyond bloodlines.  Develop friendships that are sustainable and long lasting. 
Self.  Take time for yourself.  Balance time with others by also spending some time in solitude.  Be alone with your own thoughts occasionally.  Be your own best friend.  Enjoy your own company.  When you look in the mirror know who you are seeing.
Give all of these things time in your life.  Too much or too little of any of them creates an imbalance which can be a source of stress for many people.  When our life is in balance and when we are at ease with ourselves and life, we will often realize that happiness is right in front of us.

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