Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Standing At The Crossroads

I must come clean and admit that I have been recycling a lot of my daily thoughts lately.  Some of you may have noticed but others were seeing them for the first time.  Whenever I recycle a thought I do try to pick one that I believe is worth repeating.  Most of the thoughts I have written up until now were based on whatever was happening in my life.  At this stage of my life not a lot is happening so there is not a lot to think about.  My children are raised, my granddaughter is doing well, my career is winding down, and, if I am honest, I am feeling a little lost.  However, I am not lost in the sense that I need to dial 911 and ask for help.  It is more like I am at a crossroads and I am not quite sure which path to walk.  Life is a journey and it tends to come in stages.  My life right now is near the end of one stage and the beginning of another.  When you are my age you discover that many things that worked for you in the past don’t work as well as you proceed into the future.  One tends to question their beliefs, their values, their relationships, and how they spend their time.  This doesn’t mean that everything from the past that has led you to the present moment was wrong.  It just means that maybe you need to change gears and think and act differently.  I am ready for whatever change awaits me.  I have been on my current path for many years and fulfilled most of my obligations.  How well I did this is a matter of opinion.  Whatever others think and however I am judged, I believe I have done the best I can.  One nice thing about getting older is that you care less and less what other people think.  I am no longer trying to impress or please anyone.  It is rather liberating to feel like this.        

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