Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Moment Is Forever Changing

Mindfulness isn’t about trying to grasp onto this moment.  It is about recognizing that life is made up of constantly changing moments.”
Buddha says that all things are impermanent.  Mr. Spock, in the first Star Trek movie, explained a painting of the Garden of Eden to Captain Kirk as a reminder that all things end.  However, when one thing ends, another thing begins.  In Kentucky we say that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.  You can literally experience all four seasons in the same week.  We often talk about mindfulness as being in the moment.  This does not mean that we are standing still whenever we practice mindfulness.  The moment is constantly changing.  The same person cannot enter the same river twice.  Each time you enter the river it is a different river and you are a different person.  Sometimes I wonder why we physically age if our bodies are constantly re-generating new cells.  Maybe we are really just recycling old cells and eventually they just wear out.  When we practice mindfulness we are in a moment that is constantly changing and moving.  Maybe this is why I sometimes get dizzy.    It may be more appropriate to speak of mindfulness as flowing with life.  If life is a river, mindfulness is grabbing your inner tube, jumping in, and going with the flow.  Life does not stand still.  Life is movement.  If you don’t move with it, it may knock you down. 

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