Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Is Your Reality?

I have been feeling a little brain dead this week and I have pretty much come to the end of my re-cycled thoughts from the past so I went looking for some quotes that might jar my mind into coming up with something new.  Here are two quotes that caught my eye….
The secret of happiness is freedom.  The secret of freedom is courage.”
Our intention creates our reality.”
-Wayne Dyer
What is freedom?  Is feeling free the same as being free?  Some people my age think that retirement is the ultimate freedom.  They dream of no more alarm clocks and no more responsibilities.  Others find inner freedom by actually being busy doing good things.  Sometimes this can be experienced in a workplace that other people want to escape.  Many people go through life feeling as though they are in a cage.  The cage can be marriage, family responsibilities, work obligations, or a myriad of other people, things and activities to which we may feel chained.  The reality is that these cages are seldom locked.  However, we may only discover this when we rattle the door of the cage.  Even when we discover that our cage has been unlocked all along, we may not leave our cage because we lack the courage to do so.  It takes courage to leave a familiar cage for unknown freedom.  This is often the real life experience of people who are given freedom after many years of incarceration.   They don’t know how to be free.
Assuming that most of us have some level of freedom in our lives what is our reality?   The reality we have as individuals is a result of the personal decisions that we have made.  We may have turned left when we should have gone right.  We may have dropped out of school when we should have continued our education.  The relationships we have with other people may be unhealthy or dysfunctional.  Was our life intentional or accidental?  If intentional, what was our intention?  If it was to be a person of peace and to do good things for ourselves and others, we are likely to have a happy and satisfying life.  If our choices were immature, self-centered, or just plain stupid, it is likely we will pay the price with a difficult and challenging life.
As you go forward in your life, think about what freedom means to you.  What courageous choices do you need to make?  What are the intentions of your choices?  What is your reality?     

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