Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Life Is All Over The Place

Last Friday I left for the monastery and a weekend of silence, solitude, and peace. This weekend my granddaughter Chloe will be coming over to help Granny get out all her Halloween decorations and pack away all the everyday stuff that sits around. Chloe won't do any real work but she will be all excited and into everything. Every time I know Chloe is coming over for the weekend I am excited and everytime she goes back home I am exhausted.

Next weekend my rock and roll summer tour ends with a mammoth weekend. The rock and roll gods have smiled on me and I now have a ticket to see the Rolling Stones at Churchill Downs next Friday. This will be my 4th Rolling Stones concert. These guys are old but they can still rock and roll. I suppose they will keep going until Mick Jagger keels over on the stage. If this wasn't enough for the average, aging rocker, I will leave the following day for Indianapolis to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performing, among other things, his magnum opus "The Dark Side of the Moon" album. For all you youngsters out there, this was was of the greatest selling albums of ALL time. It was in the top 100 albums for 14 YEARS! Needless to say, because I am a aging road warrior, I will be taking some time off after these back to back musical events.

I think one of the signs of middle age is that everything exhausts you. I have noticed at the end of the workday that it doesn't matter how hard I worked that day. It could have been a hectic day or a slow one. Whatever it was, I am usually exhausted by the time I get home. I was exhausted when I got home from my retreat. Chloe will have me hopping all weekend and when she leaves, I will head straight for the couch. As soon as I finish typing these thoughts, I will stretch out on the sofa that is within my vision at this moment. The only part of aging that really annoys me is that I don't have the stamina and energy that I had when I was 25. Of course, as one gets older, you must let go of some of the expectations you have of yourself. At the same time, I am more conscious of time and my mortality so I try not to let any opportunities for fun or insight get past me.

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