Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Work And Change

Many people struggle with work. Some love it, some hate it. A few find deep personal satisfaction in what they do but many don't. Some people are at a point where they no longer need to work for money but most work primarily for a paycheck. A lot of people find work the number one topic of frustration in their life. There are all kinds of valid reasons why people have so many feelings, good or bad, about work. These feelings create a complete map of human emotions. Last night I suddenly realized that the days are getting shorter. I was barely home and finished with dinner when I realized I couldn't see out the window. It's another sign that the seasons are in transition. Here at work, life is once again in transition. When I think of the word transition, I think of a link between what was and what is to come. Transition can sometimes feel like a walk upon a swinging rope bridge between two land masses. Usually I have been happy with the past and I am unafraid of the future. What I dislike sometimes is the walk across that darn bridge. It's always swinging and swaying and occasionally I feel like I will fall and end up in the pool of hungry alligators waiting below. It seems that every movie I have ever seen with a swinging bridge had a pool of hungry alligators snapping their jaws just waiting for some poor soul to fall off the bridge. We all know we have to cross that bridge sometimes but we long for the somewhat firm ground of the past or the hoped for stability of the future.

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