Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Avoid The Rush!

There's little over a week until we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in America. On that day we gather with family and loved ones to count our blessings, be grateful, drink wine, eats lots of food, and watch football. Avoid the rush! Be grateful now! Count your blessings today! OK, we may have to hold up on the drinking of wine since it's a workday but we can still live now with grateful hearts. We all know that life it tough and it's a rare day without a challenge. If I just look at this moment, however, I can find all kinds of things to be grateful for. I am warm and my stomach is full. I have a job where I am surrounded with lots of friends. The little coffee pot on my desk has been faithfully providing me with my morning Java for over 15 years! I am able to send out these daily thoughts which so many enjoy. I am alive and in relatively good health. As I sit here at my desk I ask myself the following question, "What, at this moment, is lacking"? The only thing lacking, as I pour my first cup of coffee, is a cheese danish. Other than that, I am good. How about you?

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