Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Monday was an exhausting day. Was it because my eyes shot open at 4:00 AM and I didn't fall back asleep until one minute before my alarm clock went off? Am I getting sick for the third time this season? I certainly hope not because I hitting the road on Thursday morning for some rest and relaxation. Maybe I was just tired because I had a busy and hectic weekend. Not everything is complicated. Some things are simple. When your car stops running, the engine isn't always broken. Sometimes the gas take is just empty.

The building maintenance workers are assembling the "official" office Christmas tree. It will be nice to arrive in the early morning darkness to the warm and inviting colored lights. Some of the Christmas music is a little jarring first thing in the morning but I won't be a scrooge. On the positive side, there are mornings where the blast of trumpets as I walk in the building will be an excellent wake up call to arms!

As this Thanksgiving Day approaches, I find myself grateful for friends old and new. Yesterday I received an email from an old friend and teacher who is traveling in New Zealand. When I got home I had a postcard from Katie who is visiting Costa Rica. (Why didn't I marry Katie???? I could be in the rainforest this morning instead of standing in my driveway scraping the frost off my car!) Finally, I also received a real letter from another old friend delivered by the postal service! Of course, I am also grateful for those friends who are part of my everyday life. They are my lunch buddies, my walking buddies, those with whom I laugh during frustrating work days, my spiritual friends and those who rock and roll with me. My friends are a very diverse group. It would be interesting to get them all in the same room

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