Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time Bandit

This week is flying by. I had to stop for a moment to remember what day it is. Sometimes I feel like Captain Kirk and Mr Spock in an old Star Trek TV episode. They appear to be moving at a normal speed and everyone around them appears to be standing still. The reality was that Kirk and Spock were moving at an accelerated pace and everyone else was moving at a normal speed. The buzzing sound that everyone was hearing was Kirk and Spock who were moving so fast no one could see them. In my world, I know I am not the one moving so fast that I am only a buzz to other's ears. I am the one hearing the buzz and that buzz is the world around me. Do you ever feel like you are standing still and the rest of the world is moving around you? This is different than thinking the world revolves around you. I know the world doesn't revolve around me. It does, however, seem to often be on a different schedule. I resist the pace of the world. I am the Robin Hood of time. I am a time bandit who steals time from the world in order to give it to myself. I try to meet all the responsibilities of my life without being swept away in the vortex of the world's demands. In the sixties there was a poster that all self respecting hippies had in their apartments. It said, "What if they gave a war and nobody came"? My questions today would be "What if we all slowed down? Would the speed of life in the world keep increasing"? Does the world control us or us the world? So much change happens so slowly that we don't notice it until it's out of control. It will take similar small changes within ourselves to reverse some of the trends of modern life.

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