Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Vacation

In a matter of hours I will officially be on vacation. In my mind I am already there. I know of no one who works full time that does not love and live for time off. Time is more valuable to me than money. Time is precious and seemingly rare in our culture where work dominates most lives and leisure has been replaced by excessive busyness. My wife's boss asked her if she was taking her laptop with her so she could keep up with emails. She responded that she didn't even own a laptop and she was on VACATION. Like most people on vacation I will have a time of intense family fun and activity. However I have learned over the years to always factor in a few buffer days before one returns to the demands of work. I will take the weekend to slow down and prepare for a trip that begins on Monday. It will be my wife, my sons, Chloe, and my daughter in law. When we are tired of fun and out of money, we will return home for a few more days of leisure. Family trips can be intense but I am happy that we all like one another and enjoy spending some time together. Of course, I am really the one that everyone else worries will have a meltdown. There's probably some betting going on to see if I make it through the whole trip without flailing. Flailing is my family's term for "Dad throwing a tantrum". It's no secret that I am an introvert and like my space. Communal living can be trying at times. Everyone wants to do their thing but compromises must be made for the sake of family peace. Hopefully everyone will get to do most of what they want and we will return home tired but happy.

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