Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bela Fleck And Chick Corea

I went to see Bela Fleck and Chick Corea on Monday night. It has been a few months since I've seen some live music so I was ready for a night out. The show was in a small theater and appeared to be sold out. Our seats were in the balcony but we had a nice view of the stage. My seat was fourth from the end so I had a brief moment of claustrophobia accompanied with a hot flash. It always seems to me that seating for public events, whether in the intimacy of a small theater or the open air of a large stadium, was designed for children. I am not a large person but I still feel cramped almost everywhere I go. As I settled in and got relaxed the music started. This was a two man show with no back up band. Although known as jazz artists, the music was closer to classical music rather than traditional jazz. The first song was slow and I wasn't getting into it. I thought to myself, "This is going to be a long night". Soon, however, the intricate interplay between Bela on banjo and Chick on his grand piano began to become mesmerizing. I closed my eyes and often became lost in it. This was serious music and a different cup of tea from the playful and occasionally rowdy rock and roll that I usually go see. This was more like a recital than a concert. Though not always exciting I knew I was witnessing two world class musicians whose resumes were very long and impressive. Chick Corea, besides his own work, was also a major contributor to some of my favorite Miles Davis albums. All in all it was a good night. I enjoyed the music as well as the conversations I had with my long time friend, Tom. We've gone from being two teenage friends to two old men who need to get up from our seats once and awhile to keep from getting too stiff.

My wife thinks she saw a mouse in our house last night. I thought we were going to have to check into a hotel. She is terrified of mice and was not amused when I asked if the mouse was wearing a little suit and had spectacles on the end of it's nose or was it driving a small convertible. I will have to find the mouse or sell the house. I am the mouse's best hope for a continued life. My wife believes in the death penalty for all rodents.

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