Monday, February 11, 2008

My Busy Weekend

The good news is that the sun was shining all day Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was like a beautiful early spring day. Sunday, however, the temperature dropped 30 degrees and it very much felt like winter. My weekend began with a very pleasant lunch on Friday with a gentleman I had been corresponding with but never met. I always enjoy meeting new people and we had an enjoyable conversation and lunch. Saturday I was able to get some much needed extra sleep. I no longer have young sons jumping in my bed at the crack of dawn saying, "Get up, Dad"! My wife left the house for a couple of hours to meet with our tax lady so I quickly snatched the remote controls from her side of the room and enjoyed a Rolling Stones concert on DVD while I drank my morning coffee. I knew it would be the only down time I would have all weekend. As soon as she returned home it was off to the grocery store. It's always nice to have a full pantry and refrigerator but going to the grocery store is one of my least favorite chores. When the groceries were bought and put away, there was a one hour break before we had to go get Chloe at her parent's house. My son's home was no where to be this weekend. He is in the process of remodeling his basement and there was a guy there with a jackhammer to prepare for the installation of a hot tub. The whole house was vibrating and you could barely hear yourself think. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. Chloe was very good all weekend. She had this new toy which is a dog whose ears go up and down while he pants and says "Give me a hug! Give me a hug"! When we went to bed I laid the dog on the floor next to my bed. About 5:00 AM on Sunday morning I got up to go to the bathroom. I accidentally kicked the dog and he immediately started saying "Give me a hug! Give me a hug"! It freaked me out and I found myself beating on my alarm clock trying to shut it up. The dog kept yelling and the radio turned on. Finally the dog shut up and I was able to turn off the radio without throwing it across the room. Miraculously, Chloe slept through the whole event. After our usual morning routine, my wife, Chloe, and I went to pick up my mother in law at the retirement home where she lives. I then took them to the place where they get their nails done. Trying to be as productive as possible, Chloe and I went to visit my parents. When I got there lots of activity was going on. My father was doing well and a couple of my siblings were there with bags of groceries for my parents. I couldn't stay too long because I had to go back and pick up the young Grandma and the old Grandma. Then we had to meet Chloe's parents, my sister in law, Judy, and her husband, Andy. We were all meeting to celebrate my mother in law's 85th birthday. It was a very enjoyable meal but by the end I think everyone was ready to go back to their own individual homes. Even Chloe said, "I'm ready to go home". It was a weekend with lots of family interaction and that was good but I was happy to get back to my solitude and my chair.

Remember that talk I am scheduled to give at a men's retreat? Well, I still haven't put words to paper although I have many ideas floating in my head. I'm taking tomorrow off to commit pen to paper...or fingers to I can give a preview to the retreat team on Wednesday night. Most work nights I have been too tired and my weekends are too busy. I need a day home alone when I am feeling rested and fresh.

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