Monday, March 03, 2008

Another Rock And Roll Death

Last Friday when I shared some rock and roll history around the death of Buddy Miles, I wasn't aware that another rock and roll individual had died. His name was Mike Smith and he was the lead singer and organ player for a British band called the Dave Clark Five. This year the Dave Clark Five are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were part of the so called "British Invasion" of 1964. Rock and roll began in America. Eventually young British bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Dave Clark Five "invaded" America with their English version of American rock and roll as well as the blues. At one time the Dave Clark Five were as popular as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Sadly, a couple of years ago, Mike Smith fell and suffered a spinal cord injury. He never fully recovered from a injury that was similar to the injury incurred by Christopher Reeve of "Superman" fame. He was 64 years old.

It's a new month! In less than three weeks it will officially be Spring. I am more than ready for sun filled days and the sights and smells of life reaffirming itself after the cold and dark of winter. Each season has its beauty and purpose. Spring and Autumn are my favorites. Spring and Autumn seem light and airy after the heaviness of winter chill and summer heat. When it is very cold or very hot I soon grow weary of the oppressiveness. In Spring and Autumn there seems to be a perfect marriage of coolness and warmth with the beauty of new life being born in the Spring and the passing away of Summer abundance in the Autumn. Summer and Winter have their own charms too. I always look forward to the possibility of snow and the holiday season. In summer I pumped for outdoor concerts, light clothing, and long days. For everything there is a season!

We are who we are because of every experience we've had in life so far. Ironically, not every good experience produced good and not every bad experience produced bad. Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Unlike the Christian belief where life is a one shot, pass/fail kind of scenario, in Buddhism the belief is that you are continually born again into new lives. If you live a good life, you are born into a better life. This will keep happening until you reach an enlightened state called "Nirvana". In Buddhist belief there are behaviors, similar to the Christian idea of sin, that are to be avoided. The belief is that if you steal in this life, you will likely suffer poverty or want in your next life. If you are violent in this life, you will likely be a victim of violence in your next life. It's not quite as simple as I make it but you get the point. The message here, whether we have one life or many lives to live, is that our daily actions effect the quality of our lives and the lives of others. I do believe in karma. What you put out will return to you. Do good and good will come back to you. If you do evil, it will come back to you as well. If you are blessed, be grateful for your good fortune. If you've had some tough times in your life, and we have all had some, you don't have to have a victim mentality forever. Move on with your life. Sometimes we are the recipients of good or evil that we do not deserve and who knows why?

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