Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too Busy To Write

A busy day yesterday + a disastrous dinner at the Waffle House featuring the worst cook and waiter in Waffle House history + going to the grocery store last night + a nap in my chair + watching a movie with my wife and son + not realizing until bed time that I hadn't written any daily thoughts for today = no new thoughts for this morning. Here is something I wrote about a year ago.

If I could start my life over again, knowing what I know now, I think some things would be different. The only big change I think I would make is how I make a living. There's nothing wrong with what I am doing now. However, when I was young I didn't know enough about myself to know how best to live my life and what my life's "work" would be. Like many people much of my life seems to be an accident. Is that really true or do most of us end up exactly where we need to be in spite of ourselves? I was reading a book once about the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. The book was called Do What You Are by Paul and Barbara Tieger. The book suggested the best professions for all the different personalities. It said my personality type should be a priest, writer, or counselor, among other things. Of course, when I was young I had no idea what my personality type was. I was too busy trying to fit in. I had no interest in being unique. I wanted to be like others. What I find interesting now is that although I am none of these things officially or professionally, I have done and continue to do "work" that all these professions do. I am not a priest but I am a spiritual guide for some people. I am not a writer by profession but I do get encouragement to publish my daily thoughts. Finally, I am not a therapist or social worker but many have come to me over the years for advice or counseling. Maybe, despite whatever we do to make a living and earn our bread, our real "work" is simply to be who we are, trusting that God has put us exactly where we are needed.

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