Friday, March 07, 2008

Birthdays And Heavy Snow

This weekend we will be celebrating the continuation of life within my family. My youngest son had a birthday in late February and my wife and I have birthdays in March. Sometime today Nick will be home for a much needed spring break so we're going to celebrate all three birthdays this weekend. We have assigned Chloe the task of picking out a "Happy Birthday Cake" from the local Dairy Queen. Sometime over the weekend we are also going to squeeze in the new movie called "10,000 BC". I don't care if the critics hate it or not. It has lots of really cool computer generated prehistoric beasts in it and that's enough for me. Did anyone really go see Jurassic Park for the plot and character development? Admittedly, the first Jurassic Park had a cool plot. I saw on the Discovery Channel the other night where scientists really are trying to create real dinosaurs from DNA. Of course, the evening commute is a big enough challenge. Do we really need to be chased by Tyrannosaurus Rex's on the way home, too?

I am looking out my window today for what may be the last snowfall of the season. Depending on who you listen to, we could get a foot of snow by midday tomorrow. It would be great to wake up on Saturday morning to a winter wonderland. I am looking forward to spring but one last taste of winter beauty...on a weekend...would be wonderful. Chloe will be coming to my house for the night on Saturday. She and I could go outside and throw snowballs at one another. I am so excited to have a major snowfall on a Friday night! How cool is that?

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