Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Storm Watch

Tonight is our first winter storm watch of the season. As usual, people are in a panic. How can I tell? Well, I went to the pharmacy on my way home from work to pick up my monthly supply of insulin. My pharmacy is located inside a large grocery store. The place was packed and every checkout lane had long lines of people. They were buying food like it was their last chance before the big winter snows close the passage into town. At this hour you are probably lucky if you can find a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. The real worst case scenario is that people in the local area may be delayed a couple of hours tomorrow morning as they head for work. Will people really need that much bread and milk to get through the next 24 hours? As I left the store there was some sleet coming down. I think there may be a few inches of snow forecasted that based on the history of our local meteorologists will never fall. Perhaps winter storm watches need to be renamed "People Freakout Alerts". When one is issued all sane people will be alerted to stay away from all grocery stores!

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