Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Effect We Have On Others

I was reading an article tonight reminding people of something that most never think about. In our daily lives we are constantly interacting with a variety of people. We do this within our families, our workplaces, our churches, our friendships, and with the world in general. We rarely think about the good and bad effects of all this interaction. Most of us may be surprised that we affect anyone at all. In previous writings I have shared the idea that within every human encounter is an exchange of energy. Depending on the quality of the exchange we can be filled with new, life giving energy or feel drained when a negative encounter takes life from us. On an average day I have most encounters with other people within my workplace. I work with lots of people who engage me in enjoyable ways. They make me laugh or make me think. If I am feeling down and unappreciated, they may surprise me with a reminder that I am not taken for granted. Sometimes I am lifted up by a simple smile or glance. Occasionally when passing another person I may give them the "high five". This simple form of touching can be life giving. Others times a private, more intimate conversation can give me a sense of value when I am able to lighten another person's load. I work with many young people, most of whom could be my children. They show me great respect. I'm not sure if they realize how their youth fills me with life. Being with them everyday keeps me young at heart. I can only hope that my "advanced age" but youthful heart and attitude has some kind of positive effect on them. I never feel like I do anything extraordinary but I try to do ordinary things well. I strive to practice the kindness and compassion that I believe in. As today's young people say, "I try to keep it real". I probably get more than I give but, hopefully, the effect I have on others is also life giving.

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