Saturday, September 05, 2009

Quiet Days

It is a quiet and peaceful Saturday morning. I am feeling very good after a full night's sleep. Today is the first day of a three day weekend. Monday is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. As far as I am concerned the unofficial end of summer was August 31st. Regardless, anyway you cut it, summer is coming to an end. The days are noticeably shorter, the mornings cooler, and the green of summer is showing shades of brown. I actually don't think too much about endings and beginnings. It is always Now. I've been enjoying the day so far. Feeling rested I got up early and brewed some coffee. I am now on my third cup as I sit here typing with the new Levon Helm CD entitled "Electric Dirt" playing in the background. Those in the know remember that Levon Helm was a member of the classic music group called "The Band". My wife has left to go run an errand while I sit here waiting for the cable man. We are on our third technician trying to find and fix a problem with our cable service. Sometime after that is done my wife and I will go get our granddaughter. It's very likely we will end up at a McDonald's and a toy store before the day is over. Some people say, "You're spoiling that child"! You're darn right I am! She's my only grandchild and the chances for additional grandchildren are slim at best....unless her parents slip up. Since my other son is becoming a priest, my chances for additional grandchildren are already reduced 50%. Once she gets over here today, there will be a lot more activity and little rest for Pa Paw.

It's obvious to me, and probably to my faithful readers, that I am posting less on this blog. These days I find myself wondering how I kept up daily emails to hundreds of people for as long as I did. Before I settled on this blog as my way to share thoughts and stories, I sent out emails five days a week for nearly five years to almost 600 people. I did the math once and realized that was 3000 emails a week and 12,000 emails a month. What amazes me the most is that I was able to actually write fairly decent thoughts most of the time. At this time I sometimes struggle to have anything to share. My life is very quiet these days and most work nights I am weary and sometimes brain dead. My reading has almost ground to a halt. The lack of reading has created a lack of thought and reflection. Much of what I wrote in the past was a result of what I was reading. I'm sure this is a temporary malaise. I still love books and hopefully will resume some serious reading soon. Let's just say I am on an intellectual holiday right now and I am giving my brain a rest.

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