Monday, September 07, 2009

The Holiday Weekend Blur

It seems like I was just lying in bed on Friday night with thoughts of a three day weekend eternity swirling in my head. Now I am sitting her on Monday night with thoughts of another work week looming on the horizon. When I got up this morning a light rain was ending. I anticipated a overcast day with periodic rain showers. Most of the day was actually sunny although another brief rain storm occurred just a little while ago. I can't complain about anything because this has been an enjoyable holiday. I got up early on Saturday and enjoyed my solitude and leisure for much of the day. Later in the day my wife and I drove to my son's home and picked up my granddaughter. She was excited to be coming over for a visit and I was excited to see her. Admittedly, I am sometimes exhausted by the end of her visits but I never tire of seeing her. We had promised her a visit to a store called "Build A Bear" and we kept our promise. Hey, what are grandparents for? On Sunday afternoon I got a few hours of additional solitude when my wife, Chloe, and her parents went shopping. The never ending project of updating my home decor continues with much excitement from everyone except me. It's not that I don't care. I do like a nice looking home but I am just not into decorating. My wife, son, and daughter in law have excellent tastes and the ability to turn an idea into reality. It's best for everyone if I just stay out of the way. My music room, of course, is off limits for redecorating. In that room it is still 1969. After a good meal at a favorite restaurant we all parted ways and headed to our individual homes.

Today is Monday, the Labor Day holiday, and a day off from working at the office. In spite of it being a holiday to rest from labor, I actually labored much of the day. I transported eight bags of clothes to the local Goodwill. It always feels good to get rid of stuff I no longer need but which may meet the needs of others. I also mostly accomplished a task I've been wanting to complete for a while. I cleaned up a room that is a kind of office for me. Over the years of my life I have collected many books and other memorabilia. Most of these items are very sentimental for me. After my dear mother in law passed away late last year I acquired a curio cabinet. Today I filled it with much of my stuff which created some space to reorganize my book collection. Although I am not quite finished, much progress was made and overall I feel good about what I accomplished today. Tomorrow I can go back to my job at the office and rest.

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