Saturday, January 16, 2010

Addicted To Rock And Roll

My wife and I are having lots of work done to update and improve our home after living in it for over 20 years and raising two boys at the same time. One of the rooms being renovated is my beloved "music room". If you walked in there before today it was like being transported to the room of an 18 year old hippie in 1969. Talk about arrested development! I can assure you, however, that it will never look like the room of a 59 year old in 2010. I have been spending much of today and will likely spend most of the weekend cleaning it out so the deconstruction and eventual reconstruction can be done. Today has confirmed what I already knew. I am deeply addicted to rock and roll and I need some kind of therapy. I have been moving a life time of accumulated CD's, books, posters, framed prints, tiedyed wall tapestries, DVD's, old newspapers and magazines, CD racks, drums, bookshelves, collectables, keepsakes, coffee mugs full of ticket stubs to concerts I have attended, and things others would consider junk but which have deep meaning for me. At one point my wife asked, "Do you want this rock"? I replied, quite indignantly, "Rock? That is a chunk of the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado"! When I get through this weekend, and the additional work of knocking down a closet is completed, and the walls are painted, and the floor is carpeted, and a computer workstation is purchased, and permanent CD and book shelves are built, I will have a wonderful and updated "man cave". I will miss the old room with the rainforest and brachiosaurus painted on one wall but I admit the room is in dire need of an overhaul and update. Being the extreme introvert that I am, this room is my "Fortress of Solitude" where I retreat each day after fighting dragons out in the world.

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Michael Charles Loh said...

I am so envious. Wished I had a music room too but my 141sm apartment doesn't allow the luxury of a dedicated music room. We (wife and I) opted to have a library instead.