Thursday, January 07, 2010

The First Snow Of Winter

Today we had our first real snow of winter. It began right before daybreak and has continued throughout the day. I love snow so I've been happy about it all day. The morning commute was a little slow and the car did slide a couple of times but I got to work safely and on time. Throughout the day, whenever I was up and about the office, my gaze was on the outdoors and the falling snow. During lunch I went outdoors and walked around as the large and wet snowflakes hit me in the face. It was true bliss. The commute home was easy and uneventful. When I arrived home I was happy to discover that my neighborhood had much more snow than the downtown area where I work. Now I am home in my warm house with a mug of hot coffee. The day is ending and we are entering what might be the coldest night of the season so far. Wind chills below zero are expected tonight. Tomorrow is Friday. The only thing that would make all this wintry weather better would be if tomorrow was Saturday! I have to get through one more work day and then I can settle in and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. My granddaughter will be coming over this weekend. We may have to go for a walk in the winter wonderland and play in the snow. Pictured above is the morning commute and another more pastoral scene. Everything is much whiter now.

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